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 Wild Mulberries


This mulberry bush was growing and producing fruit a summer when we visited Grants Pass. OR. The sun was back lighting the leaves and making a sun spots on the berries.The challenge was painting each segment of the berries red while leaving the white of the paper to represent the sun spot.

 Windmill with Metal Tank


The water storage methods used in the High Desert very greatly. This Landers, CA set-up has mounted the metal water tank atop a utility shed below. The shed provides a great gravity fed solution of extra water pressure. Over time the tank and windmill blade became lovely rustic relics which added to my urge to paint them.

 Witch Creek Barn ll


At one time we lived in Julian, CA. We often need to drive “down the hill” to Ramon. The area between the two towns was called Witch Creek. On a hill along the way was this wonderful old barn. I have probably painted its’ portrait a dozen time.  On day following a sever wind storm, we drove by the barn to discover it had blown down. I was crushed. I whined to my husband, “OH! NO! My barn has blown down!”  To that my husband calmly replied, “Well, Honey, It will be easier to paint now.”  Fortunately, I have many photos of the barn.

 Yellow Hibiscus Flowers


Taking advantage of my Mom’s green thumb, I was delighted to be able to paint these double yellow hibiscus. I had never seen one before.

 Yellow Prickly Pear Cactus Bloom


This cactus grows in our cactus garden. This year it exploded with blooms making a great subject to paint. I was especially drawn to the intense yellow color of the blooms.

Burrowing Owl


This owl was photographed by my niece. I love its indignant stare and decide to paint it portrait.

Cactus Wren l


This is the first bird I ever painted. I caught it perched in a cactus and wondered how it managed without poking its feet?

Dapple Grey


This painting was the second on in my horse series. I have had great fun with this painting. I use a limited palette with only 13 colors. I do not have white, black or grey on my palette. I often ask people what colors I used to paint the horse? I get many guesses but it is usually kids who have art in school or fellow artist who get it right. – Cadmium orange and ultramarine blue.

Flamingo Height Homestead


I always checked out this homestead when we pass it on SR 247. I’ve wondered about it history. Why did the owners build a six sided home? When was it built? I had to add it to my homestead series.

Mexican Bird-of-Paradise


We planted Mexican Bird-of-Paradise when we moved into our new home. We had seen them growing in town and fell in love with the vivid orange & yellow flowers. Our house is at about 4000 feet. Little did we know that the Mexican Bird-of-Paradise will freeze and not regrow.