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 Autumn Bounty


One autumn afternoon we headed Ventura to look at a vintage travel trailer. Along the way we stopped a produce stand. I was excited about the different varieties, shapes, and colors of gourds and squash. I bought several of each. After this painting was finished, we ate the squashes and dried the gourds.

 Autumn Grapes


When the leaves changed colors for Autumn, we were traveling in Central California., The campground where we stayed had wild grapes growing. I was lucky to find this bright red and green leaves that were a beautiful contrast with the dark grapes. I was fun to add another grape painting to the other two.

 Backlit Grapes


My husband & I were touring wine country in Calif. In one vineyard, the sun was blazing through the back of the plant making these leaves glow. Another addition to to my grape series.

 Barn in the Meadow


As we traveled thru central California, we drove past a beautiful old barn nestled in a  little meadow.  The barn was run down but it seemed like the meadow was cuddling around it. I took several photos so I could paint it later.

 Barn with Fence


Another run down barn in Central California that begged to be painted. I like the fence that led the way to the barn. The weeds around the barn were in different stages of growth. Some weeds were healthy green while others were dried already.

 Blue Homestead Shack


This homestead shack sat back off a road in Landers, CA. I drove by it each week when I was going to an art class. One morning I remembered take my camera. The sun was at a perfect angle to make the blue siding glow even in its’ rundown state.



I received this arrangement for Mother’s day several years ago. A wonderful surprise from my two favorite men. Making a painting of it helps preserve the delightful gift.

 Bristle Cone Snag


When we visited the bristlecone forest, I fell in love with this gnarly bent trunk of this snag. I was so intrigued by the color variation from each turn and twist.

 Chicken Scratches


The central area California i devoted to agriculture so barns are everywhere. This one was in the middle of a green field. It didn’t make a very exciting picture. I decided to give it some trees, a rather run down look, but still in use by adding some chickens out front.

 Cholla Cactus Flower


We have cholla cactus growing in our yard. When this one first bloomed, I didn’t think I could ever do justice to a painting of the flower with all the thorns. The thorns are white and I don’t have white paint on my palette. The white in this painting is the white of the paper. I create the thorns, I painted the green space between the white thorns. Tricky but I am pleased with the results.

 Cream Wagon


We often stay at a campground in Yuma, AZ. Part of the decorations on the campground are old restored wagons. This is one of my old wagon series.

 Crimson Poinsettia


I don’t often work with pastels, but this poinsettia has such beautiful velvety leaves, I want to try to create the effect.

 Danger! Keep Out!


We were in Arizona near Apache Junction and decided to visit Goldfield Ghost Town. Being one who loves old historical building, we had to walk through the town. One of the little shacks, had a large sign stating it was “dangerous”. When I ask why it was dangerous, we were told that in the heyday of the town, the shed was used to store dynamite!

 Desert Primrose


The desert primrose yells Spring time in the High Desert. Vacant lots, highway medians,  road sides, and yards are covered with pink buds that open to delicate white bloom against silver-green foliage.

 Dock at Dawn


We were camping at Rockaway Beach, OR. I woke-up just as the sun was coming up. Fog was hanging just above the land across the bay. The fog and sun light on the bay created a beautiful scene to paint.