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 Forgotten Dream! Virginia City NV


While touring Virginia City, I spotted this sad little house on the hill. It didn’t appear that it has been occupied in years.  I had definitely had not be loved for years. I thought it would help express its condition by painting it in pencil.

 Golden Eagle Ranch Barn


This ranch barn was in Witch Creek Valley, CA at a thoroughbred horse ranch. The barn hadn’t been used for many years and had become in a sad state. About ten years ago, unfortunately, the barn fell down.

 Goldfield Ghost Town Furnace


Goldfield is located near Apache Junction, Az. This furnace is part of the blacksmith’s shop. I liked the contrast between the rusty stack and the stone base. The dark smoky looking wood set off both features nicely.

 Horse Crippling Cactus


While visiting the Living Desert in Palm Springs, I came across this very unusual cactus. The flowers are beautiful, but the spines are about two inches long and a quart of an inch wide at the base.the cactus is aptly name because it can literally make a horse lame if it steps on the spines.

 Joshua Tree Rocks


Joshua Tree National  Monument  is in our backyard. Every visit offers a new idea for a painting. I am always amazed when I see a huge boulder perched on a small pile of rocks. I decided to paint it before it lost it’s balance!

 Llama Mama Iris


A neighbor  in Tucson, AZ propagated new varieties of iris’.  When I saw the beautiful apricot and purple petals, I asked him if I could take photo so I could make a painting. He was thrilled. Once I finished the painting, I sent him a signed ,dated print.

 Nice and Neat


My husband & I were fortunate enough to spend a few weeks in Germany. One day we took a wine cruise on the Rhine River. On the way back we drove through a small village with only a single wide road. We had to stop in pullout to let another car to pass. I looked around and saw this little German lady sweeping up in front of her home. All the time we were in Germany, we were amazed and delighted about how ever thing was so nice and neat.

 Pastor Weatherby’s Dream I


This building is on the south side of Hwy. 62 grade heading to Morongo. But you won’t recognize it nowadays.  To me, with its’ tall “bell Tower”, it looked like it should be a church. When I decided to paint it, I began asking around. I wanted to know the real story behind it. I called around and was told that “Pastor Weatherby built the little chapel but passed away before he ever held a service there. It was passed on to his grandson…” Nobody seems to have anymore information about it. Every time we drove past, more and more vandalism had take place. It was getting very sad and rundown.  I notice last year someone is restoring it. but the bell tower has been removed.

 Pastor Weatherby’s Dream II


From asking about, I was told that this building was Pastor Weatherby’s dream designed to be a church. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could make his dream reality.  For almost 20 years, l watched the building suffering more and more vandalism. It was so sad to watch. However, recently it appears to have been remodeled. The steeple is gone, but at least, now the building is loved.

 Peaches and Cream Poinsettia


This Christmas  the choice of poinsettia subject was the soft peach color against the cream colored brackets. (NOTE: The colored part of the poinsettia plant is actually called a bracket aka leaves. The small red and yellow center is actually the flower)

 Pink Bali Water Lily


A great couple recently took a trip to Bali. When they returned we had a showing of their photos from the trip. One photo was of this pink water lily. The flower and leaves  are very different from the ones I grow in my small fish pond, I had to add it to my water lily series.

 Pink Homestead Shack


This homestead shack is still stand and is still pink. It is located about two miles up Hwy. 247.  I has been posing for me for 20 years. I hope others feel inspired to add it to their art history.

 Pink Poinsettia


Pink is a common color for poinsettias. I liked the big brackets with its’ deep veins.   For years, I thought the colored part of a poinsettia were the “petals.”  After a to of Gubler Orchid Farm  at Christmas time, I was educated in poinsettia anatomy. The tiny red and yellow center of the poinsettia is the actual flower. Gubler usually grow thousands of gorgeous orchids but stocks hundreds of poinsettia during the holidays.

 Pink Thistle ll


This thistle “bloom” line the roadside in the mid-west.  We pulled in a rest area to take photos.

 Pioneer Town Wagon ll


Before  the Saw tooth Fire Pioneer Town, CA,  was a unique piece of the area. Many old building and period forms of transport had been destroyed.  After the fire many of these things destroyed.  Since I am draw to old rustic things, I had take many of photos.

 Pixie Poinsettia


The white leaves with the pink blush and green veins on this poinsettia  was too unique  to pass up  without painting it.

 Plum Pudding Poinsettia


For the last 15 years, have painted a poinsettia for Christmas. Having gone through most red, white and pink poinsettias, I needed to look for a new color. I found a this lavender colored flower and thought it might have been spray painted. I checked on several web sites and found a company that was growing them. I was thrilled to paint a  “purplish” poinsettia.

 Plumeria I


nother “thank  you” to my niece and her camera talent.  I didn’t know there were so many beautiful varieties of Plumeria.