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Oregon Grapes


This is the third in a series of grapes. I decided this one was misnamed. The leaves look more like holly than grape leaves. The “grapes” look very much like blue berries. I particularly liked the sun spot on the plant when I took the reference photo.

Pinto Mustang


My father always had horses, but I never much if a “horse person”, but when I was show this photo, I decided to try to paint it. Much to my delight it turned out pretty good! SO I decide to try my luck at a few more. See “Dapple Grey”, “Chestnut Mare”

Pioneer Town Wagon


Pioneer Town has been my “go to” place for old buildings, barns, & wagons. Fortunately, I took many photographs prior to the Saw Tooth fire that burned most of those things.

Plumeria ll


After painting the first Plumeria flowers, my niece mentioned that she grew plumeria in her yard. She send me a photograph of her plumeria and I had to paint it!



If you have visited the desert in the spring, you might have noticed a spotted bird making a great deal of noise when you get close to it’s perch. When cactus wrens are nesting. they are very vocal when their territory is invaded.

White Water Lily


We have a fish pond (aka a claw leg bath tub) in front of our home. Every spring the water lilies bloom. This year the white bloom was particularly big a nicely sun lite.